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Learn to Most Devastating and Effective Striking art in the World while gaining Earth Shaking Cardiovascular Endurance

Our Muay Thai classes in Houston, TX will arm you with the skills you need to become an effective and efficient striker. Not only will you get into amazing physical condition, but you will learn the most dominant striking art in the MMA world today. Muay Thai, or, the art of 8 limbs, focuses on the most fundamental and effective striking techniques available This means that you won't waste your time learning a ton of fancy moves that only work in theory, but rather, proven movements and skill sets that will give you a winning edge. Whether you are here to learn real self defense, add to your current Martial Arts skills, or just do something new and exciting, you can feel confident that the skills you learn here are 100% legitimate.

"I have been attending the Muay Thai kickboxing class for a while now and I LOVE it! We learn all the proper technique and the workout is simply amazing. The class accommodates all the students' needs. We have a diverse range of skill levels so every class is structured to work on everyones individual level. Also, not everyone wants to become a professional fighter. Personally, I come for the workout and to learn fundamental Muay Thai skills. Overall, I'm really glad that II joined. I've learned a ton and I get an awesome workout every time, it's a blast!"

- Nikki

Muay Thai classes in Spring, TX

Posted: Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 at 4:23 pm

Muay Thai classes in Spring, TX are the fastest and funnest way to get in to shape. If you have been searching for a fun way to get in to great shape and learn real self defense and kickboxing skills then you must give our Muay Thai program a try. We are the only Mixed Martial Arts school in the Spring, Tomball and Woodlands area that offers a 30 day FREE test drive in all of our programs for both kids and adults. If you live in the 77388 or 77375 area code then pick up the phone and dial 281-288-5996 to get started on your risk free trial today. And don’t forget to check out our home site at www.NorthHoustonMMA.com

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